Corporate law

METIS advises on all aspects of corporate law, in particular the law of corporations, the law of limited liability companies and partnership law, including the law of groups and capital markets law.

A key focus of our corporate law practice is advice to management boards, supervisory boards and directors in matters of corporate responsibilities and legal safeguards for business decisions, legally sound preparation of (also critical) general meetings and shareholder meetings, defending against defective resolution actions as well as internal group integrations and reorganizations. On the level of stockholders and shareholders, we have a wealth of experience in the assertion of stockholder and shareholder rights and also frequently advise on complex shareholder disputes.

We advise national and international enterprises in all matters of commercial law and sales organization. We advise enterprises in matters of general and sector-specific compliance and address potential violations of the law – where necessary also in cooperation with renowned criminal law firms.

  • Strategic commercial decisions
  • General meetings, shareholder meetings
  • Defective resolution actions
  • Capital measures
  • Squeeze-outs
  • Control and profit transfer agreements
  • Group financing
  • Company formations
  • Restructurings
  • Internal reorganizations
  • Cash pools
  • Company successions
  • Disputes between company, shareholders, bodies
  • Manager liability
  • Machine and plant construction
  • Purchasing
  • Establishment of sales structures
  • Transportation contracts
  • Expert assessment of commercial decisions
  • Joint venture agreements and participation agreements
  • Group structuring (transfer of subsidiaries, spin-offs, mergers, changes in legal form)
  • Structuring of participation models
  • Preparation and holding of general meetings and shareholder meetings
  • Voting rights notifications
  • Ad-hoc notifications
  • Fulfilment of publication requirements
  • Strategic advice
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Project agreements
  • Service agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Sales and marketing agreements
  • Design and implementation of codes of conduct
  • Design and implementation of internal compliance policies and structures (whistleblower procedures, Ombudsman)
  • Internal company investigations
  • Implementation of data protection law requirements
Key areas