Business sectors

METIS combines legal and industrial expertise. We know our clients’ business and help them to maneuver with legal certainty and to withstand competition in constantly changing markets.

In our core areas of work, we regularly advise on M&A activities, restructurings, financings, sales systems, personnel matters and judicial and extra-judicial disputes.


The automobile sector is currently in a phase of radical transformation. New technologies and market participants are changing the established value creation chains, and costs and consolidation pressure in the supply industry is continuously rising, particularly for mid-sized enterprises.

METIS regularly advises manufacturers and mid-sized automobile supply companies across all practice groups.

Banking and financial

METIS regularly advises banks and other financial industry ventures in transactions, financings, daily business and corporate and employment law. In addition, we advise on an ongoing basis on questions of compliance and data protection. We also assist foreign financial service providers in establishing themselves in Germany and commencing operations.

Real Estate

METIS advises investors, owners and tenants on transactions and agreements relating to commercial property and real property portfolios, inter alia in the sectors office buildings, industrial properties, logistics properties and leisure and hospitality properties.


METIS advises clients from many areas of the aviation sector, including airlines, airport operators and airport service providers. Our areas of focus are licensing matters, M&A activities and disputes. Our clients value our extensive experience and our international network.


The market environment for chemicals companies is shaped by new technologies, international raw materials markets, global supply chains and a constantly shifting regulatory environment.

For a long time, METIS has advised clients in the chemicals industry both in Germany and abroad.

In addition to M&A activities and the legal certainty in the conduct of sales and working relationships, we focus on sector-specific themes such as for example compliance with REACH and dual-use requirements.


The innovative potential of Internet companies continues to rise. Established players as well as startups continue to enter more and more new sectors, and business angels and venture capital funds continue to seek promising participation opportunities.

METIS advises companies starting from the seed phase across the whole development cycle, and advises both on the company side as well as on the investor side in financing rounds, acquisitions and disposals.

Family businesses and private clients

We advise family businesses and entrepreneurial families on the transfer and reorganization of companies and shareholder disputes (and the avoidance thereof). We assist our clients with the acquisition and disposal of companies, financings and joint ventures. Entrepreneurs and families also entrust us with questions of asset structuring. We also advise owner-run businesses in all practice areas on an ongoing basis.


The liberalization of the electricity market and public subsidies for renewable energies in the course of the turnaround in energy policy have had far-reaching consequences for the energy industry. The changes in the regulatory regime mean that numerous newcomers to the market have emerged.

For years, METIS has been advising project developers, plant operators, investors and public utilities. A key element of our offering is assistance with projects for the construction, operation, sale and purchase of plants for the use of renewable energies (wind turbines/parks, solar plants/parks, biogas plants).