"Disruption meets tradition"

4th IBA Global Entrepreneurship Conference

Global Entrepreneurship Conference "Disruption meets tradition" of the IBA (International Bar Association), 14/15 May 2018

More than 250 international guestes spent two days in Munich to discuss the impacts of digitalization on privately held businesses. METIS partner Heinrich von Bünau, co-organized the conference and co-chaired a panel discussion on Impacts of Digitalization on workforce. Conference speakers included:

- Philipp Depiereux, Co-Founder, Etventure
- Karl-Ulrich Köhler, CEO, Rittal GmbH & Co KG
- Paolo Musante, Vice President, Prima Industrie SPA
- Karl Peer Günther, Genereal Counsel, Swiss Life Germany
- Walter Sommerer, CEO, Max Aicher North America
- Hergen Haas, Group General Counsel, Heraeus Holding GmbH
- Barbara Roth, CCO, UniCredit Bank AG

Heinrich von Bünau:

"The conference was intense and very rewarding. Learnings from our workshops and panel discussions include: Globally active companies will streamline their corporate governance and monitor compliance digitally. Employers must adapt to more flexible working conditions and balance freedom for the workforce with means to monitor performance. Employers should also aim at reducing burn outs. I was impressed to hear how B2B businesses in traditional industries are digitalized. We saw convincing examples of how to become more customer friendly, profitable and efficient. Standardization will be key for successful digitalization of businesses. Our two-day discussions with entrepreneurs, managers, in-house counsels and lawyers from all around the world provided deep insight and a promising outlook to the future."