Corona/COVID-19 Desk

The Corona/COVID-19-crisis poses particular challenges for businesses. A number of specific provisions have been enacted in order to alleviate the economic consequences of the pandemic. We support you with five expert teams in the following areas.


Employment Law

Prevention and protection obligations of the employer, home office, short working time and cost reduction measures have increasingly come into our clients‘ focus in the course of the COVID-19-crisis.

Our employment law team advises on these issues and will assist you with any current employment law challenges.

Shareholder meetings / corporate law

There are particular challenges during the COVID-19-crisis for shareholder meetings in light of the current stay at home and social distancing orders. New legislation regarding online shareholder meetings and simplified deliberation procedures have been put in place to facilitate decision making in particular for limited liability companies and stock corporations. There have been modifications regarding transactions under the German Transformation Act as well.

Our corporate law team advises you on current issues regarding board procedures and corporate law measures.

Crisis / Insolvency / Restructuring

Quick and structured action is of critical importance in a crisis situation. Special duties of care apply and early reaction increases the chances for successful restructuring.

We advise you regarding your duty of care and support the implementation of restructuring measures.

Procurement / dispute resolution

Which consequences does the current situation have for contracts? The pandemic is a case of force majeure. But what does that mean for existing contracts? What are the consequences of the action of the public administration?

There is a large number of possible issues: Who must bear risks and losses to which degree, can an agreement be terminated or is there a right to have it amended? Can one refuse performance? What are the rights under a MAC clause or a force majeure clause? Which emergency legislation provisions apply?

At the same time the question arises how claims can be enforced: is litigation or arbitration worthwhile? What consequences does the pandemic have for ongoing proceedings?

Our contracts law and litigation experts will be happy to assist you.

Stabilisation measures

The Federal Government has established an economic stabilisation fund in order to help businesses with direct participations, subordinated debt instruments, participation rights, silent participations or bonds.

Our team has experience advising on stabilisation measures for the financial market during the last financial crisis. We will be happy to advise you with respect to stabilisation measures under the current legislation.